Bicycles are a fun, inexpensive, and healthy way to get around. Inevitably, maintenance is required to keep them running smoothly and safely.

Our Basic Bicycle Repair course for youth (16+) and adults is a great way to begin learning how to repair and maintain your bike yourself, or to brush up on rusty repair skills. The class meets the first 3 weeks of every month – on Sundays or Wednesdays. 

Week 1: Getting to know your bicycle with the ABC Quick Check
Learn the components of the bicycle, what they do, and how to recognize when they’re not working properly. You will also learn how to identify major mechanical safety hazards and other early warning signs that a bike is due for repair.

Week 2: Fixing Flat Tires & Roadside Repair
Learn what causes tires to go flat, how to repair a flat, and a few other handy techniques for getting your bike back on the road when an incident occurs. You will also learn to identify the various parts of a wheel, how to properly glue a tire patch, and how to spot the danger signs that a tire is worn out and needs replacing.

Week 3: Intro to Bicycle Adjustments & Basic Fitting
A properly fitting and adjusted bike is key for efficiency, comfort, control, and confidence. Week three introduces participants to bike adjustments and basic fitting. Learn how to set your bike up so it fits you like a glove and is a breeze to ride.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own bikes and friends*.

*We do need at least four participants to hold classes so tell your friends and help support our programs! Maximum 8 participants per class.

Mechanical Education Coordinator Oliver.

When: The first 3 weeks of every month on Sundays and Wednesdays from 6:00 – 7:30pm

Starting April 2, 2017

Where: The Bike Hub, 101 University Avenue West

Cost: $50.00 for all three classes, $40.00 for WEbike members and students

Dates don’t work for you? Want a women’s only, youth only, LGBTQ only class? Or a custom class in your work-place? Contact us.

If you cannot afford the cost, we can help – click HERE to email us

All class dates may be subject to change. Email the wrench up programs team for more information.


Thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for generously funding this program.