Active Transportation Plan Report

Active Transportation Plan Report

Since the City of Windsor’s visionary and aspirational Bicycle Use Master Plan (BUMP) was developed in 2000, there has been very little forward movement on the plan’s recommendations. It was, then, very good news when the city announced it would develop an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) in 2018, and we’re pleased that a progressive consulting team at Urban Systems will be doing the work on this project.

Over the past two years, our organization has gathered, analyzed and collated data from our two public surveys, data from city, county and census reports as well as verbal community input – and rolled it into one big document. This report was written to cover the scope of the ATP Request for Proposal and addresses the specific questions and issues that the City is asking to be studied. We have shared our report with the consultants and will be providing it to city councillors shortly. The ATP will be the roadmap that defines cycling infrastructure for the next 20 years and it’s critical that we get it right.

It is vitally important that we all speak up during the upcoming community consultation phase of the ATP so that the plan reflects what people really want. Your views matter.

The recommendations and data in our report have been generated through consultations with the cycling community in Windsor and Essex County. The scope of this report covers cycling only. Although Public Transit and pedestrian travel are equally vital, we don’t have the data or resources to provide comments and recommendations on these modes.

Click HERE to read the report.

Lori Newton
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