Advocating For Safer Cycling

At Bike Windsor Essex, we advocate for safer cycling infrastructure and public and government acceptance and support for cycling as a legitimate means of transportation. You can help by joining and volunteering with us or by donating

We believe cycling is an important aspect of forward thinking regions. We believe that supporting cycling can improve the health, economy, and environment of our local community.

We seek to help make our region more bicycle friendly. We propose to accomplish this through:

  1. Advocating for adequate funding for improved cycling infrastructure

  2. Networking with local, provincial, national and international cycling organizations to share best practices and to monitor current trends

  3. Organizing and supporting events that promote fun and safe cycling

  4. Acting as a liaison for all cyclists in Windsor and Essex County

 Other Advocacy Campaigns include:

Bike Lanes on the new Gordie Howe International Bridge Crossing

Cabana Road Protected Bike Lanes

Memorial Ghost Bike Rides