Bike Friendly Windsor

1. Call to Order. 2:15pm 2. Adoption of minutes from the May 23, 2010 meeting (emailed out by Steve). 3. Guest Speakers – Jessica and Melissa from the Odette Business School, talking about the survey and its results. They answered some of our questions, and explained how the cross tabulations worked. - We’ll put the survey on the website, and pass it out at events, since new numbers won’t contaminate the initial survey’s results. We just have to figure out how to include the new results with the original data. Jessica said we could email her anytime to ask for help. - How did they choose which people were surveyed? Classmates each took one of the five wards, and went house to house knocking on doors. Cycling folks were glad to help out, non-cycling folks were apathetic and unhelpful. - We’ll compare the results from this survey with others in Windsor, and in other regions. - The survey results will give us clout when requesting action from City Council. - Another possible survey in the future could be focusing on motorists. - We found it interesting that many students don’t use their bike, either for recreation or commuting. Jessica explained that was most likely because most of the students surveyed live on campus. - Survey results confirm the fact that more bike lanes in South and East Windsor are needed. 4. Business arising from the minutes. (continued after the jump...)