Ghost Bikes

Ghost Bikes

What is a “Ghost Bike”?

Lori Newton, President of Bike Friendly WIndsor Essex: “The ghost bike is a memorial to a cyclist hit and killed or seriously injured while riding on public roads. They’re put in place to remind people to take care, stay vigilant, and to watch for cyclists on the road, because in a collision between a cyclist and a motor vehicle, the cyclist will always lose.”

“It’s a bike that was going to be scrapped or otherwise turned to junk,” said Oliver Swainson, a board member with Bike Friendly Windsor-Essex. “It’s to help build awareness and allow people to remember these are human beings on their bikes getting from Point A to Point B.”

In 2014 Bike Friendly Windsor, in collaboration with Windsor and La Salle councils erected two ghost bikes in memory of cyclists killed in Windsor and Essex.

The ghost bikes and memorial ride are part of a larger Bike Friendly Windsor-Essex campaign to remind motorists — both cyclists and drivers — to know and respect the rules of the road.

This is especially important as cycling increases in the area.

Cyclists need to use hand signals and drive on the right-hand side of the road while cars need to keep one metre away from cyclists, which is the law in Ontario, she said.

Lori Newton
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