Classes/Workshops/Seminars at the Bike Kitchen

Bicycles are a fun, inexpensive, and healthy way to get around, but it’s a fact of life that maintenance is required to keep them running smoothly and safely. At the Bike Kitchen, everyday folks can come in and take a class, a workshop or a seminar on basic bike maintenance. Whether you’re a beginner or a fairly experienced mechanic, we cover all aspects and levels of bike repair and maintenance.

We are committed to building a culturally diverse bicycle community. We strongly encourage minority, non-binary, trans and female folx to register for our classes, and we host WTF* (Women/Trans/Femme/etc.) specific courses on the second Friday of every month. Check out the calendar for more info!

Wrench-Up!: Beginner Bike Repair Course

Our Beginner Bicycle Repair course for youth (16+) and adults is a great way to begin learning how to repair and maintain your bike yourself, or to brush up on rusty repair skills. Participants are encouraged to bring their own bikes and can expect plenty of hands-on learning.

Let us know you’re interested and we’ll put you on our notification list for upcoming classes.

The Bike Kitchen gratefully accepts donations of bicycles for refurbishing and eventual return to the community.

DIY Open Shop

Not sure where to start? Just need to learn how to fix a few quick things? Stop in for a DIY Open Shop slot at the Bike Kitchen! You’ll have access to the shop and tools as well as expert advice from our mechanics.


Open Shop time is by appointment only, and it is included in a $40 annual Bike Kitchen membership. If you’re not a member, we ask for a suggested donation of $10/hour of open shop time.