Bikenomics – A Series of Blogs at

This is a fascinating series of blog entries written by Elly Blue, a cycling advocate in Oregon, and the managing editor for She’s also the publisher of a cycling zine for women called “Taking The Lane”.

Here are links to the blog posts. Each are full of facts and figures that make a case for cycling as a tool for economic revival.

How bicycling will save the economy (if we let it)

Tearing down urban freeways to make room for a new bicycle economy

Pedaling away from the health care crisis

The economic case for on-street bike parking

Usually we post about things out of Windsor, but this series is a clear cut explanation as to why cycling should be a priority, especially here in our city, where the recession affected the population more than normal. I’ll be forwarding these onto city council- hopefully they’ll take a look (and be surprised) at how promoting cycling can mean more money in the city’s purse.

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