More on the Roundtail

Kari posted last week about a new innovation coming out of Windsor, the Roundtail which was created by local entrepeneur Lou Tortola.

Lou Tortola's Roundtail

The bike aims to reduce stress and increase comfort by replacing the rear triangle of the bicycle with two shock absorbing rings.

Tortola is an avid cyclist, and rode over 5000k last year alone. It was while riding that he noticed that many cyclists stopped riding due to injuries or from the discomfort of long rides.

The Roundtail has undergone testing which revealed that its design provides “over sixty times the shock absorption of a traditional frame”.

Tortola unveiled the bike at the San Diego Custom Bike Show earlier this month, and Windsorites were able to see it at the Athletica Fashionista last Friday and at a special showing at the Caboto on Saturday.

For more information, see the Roundtail website

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