We’re a registered not-for-profit focused on cycling advocacy and education. Your annual membership and donations support our work by giving us a stronger voice at municipal council, by helping us provide safe cycling and mechanical education, by helping us purchase parts to refurbish donated bikes and bike lights for our Get Lit! campaign, and generally helping us keep the lights on.




Wish to make a general donation by another method? We’d love to chat. Email Lori at


When you donate your used bicycle, you’re helping keep our programs running while keeping bicycles out of the landfill and on the road.


Your Bicycle donations are used for a variety of purposes that include:


  • being refurbished into good used bicycles and resold
  • being refurbished by someone who needs a bike via our earn-a-bike program
  • being salvaged for parts that are used to give other bikes a new lease on life
  • being fully recycled when the bike is too damaged or worn to be useable


We also accept donations of used bike parts.

To donate a bike contact Oliver at