Courtesy Bicycles to offer bicycle maintenance courses

Courtesy Bicycles has annouced that they are launching bicycle maintenance courses. They will offer two types of classes – a basic course and a travel/race day course. The basic class includes topics such as changing a flat tire, and how to adjust brakes and derailleurs, as well as a question and answer period for specific issues. The travel/race day class is aimed at those who have basic skills, but want a better understanding of how to disassemble/reassmble for travel and race day. It includes instruction on how to take a bike apart and put it in a bike-box, and how to set it up again.

Each class is 2 hours long, with basic classes costing $30 per person, and travel/race classes costing $50 per person. It is recommended that you bring your bike with you to the classes. Students will receive a 20% discount on tools on the night of the class. Tentative dates are February 1,7,10,16,20, and 29.

For more information, call John Saul at Courtesy Bicycles (519-252-0080) or email

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