Mower Gang tackles Dorais Velodrome

It hosted the National Cycling Championships in 1969. It has been neglected since around 1989. The Dorais Velodrome in Detroit has become overgrown, and isn’t suitable for holding races anymore.

Dorais Velodrome in 2005 - by Benjamin Chodoroff - The 24 degree banked turns of Dorais Velodrome after it was cleared

However, the Mower Gang recently came out and fought a “turf war” at the velodrome, and it is rideable again – although the giant cracks will probably mean you might want a mountain bike instead of a racing bike. The gang brought a ride on mower, weed-wackers, and a brush cutter – but it still took them all day to clear the weeds from the track. They may come back later to finish the infield, but otherwise the velodrome will eventually become overgrown again.

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