Notes from the April 11th Meeting

BFW Meeting- April 11th, 2010

In Attendance: Kari, Jason, Darren, Warren, Elizabeth, Steve and Terry


Talking about the bike map- explaining about the different layers and points. BUT- the map is done. Check it out on, along the right hand side. It’s great that people can see which route to take, and that they have options. Darren will add the bike shops tonight. Good for visitors to Windsor, eg: Wine Trail riders.

Talking about how it’s frustrating when people don’t email you back. No word back from the research class, re: using the survey on the website, if they’re collecting data. (Except that they emailed me while we’re at the WWAC!)

Veer screening, everything is a go. Steve will make a Facebook event in a couple of weeks. Steve will let us know how many people he’ll need to help out. Steve’s going in for a dry run once he receives the DVD. Concerned about how Buddha is open to Chanoso’s, but they’ve had screenings there before and they’ve had no problem. Lots of screens, so viewing will be good. June 12th. 8:30pm. Draw or PWYC to give Mark some cash? Certain percentage of the proceeds has to go back to Veer, so we should ask for some donations. If apps are served, we can ask for donations and give the percentage to Veer, and the rest to the restaurant- maybe not the rest, but some. PWYC, suggested $5.

Facebook event should be made for the Bike To Work.

Enviro Expo- not sure if they need more volunteers, but if they do, is anyone interested? Steve, maybe on Sunday. Make sure Mark can hold our shirts for Steve and Kari- to pick up before our shift on Friday night.

Bike Train- when they put out a call for volunteers, I’ll let everyone know when and where. I’m sure they’ll want as many people as possible.

Talking about the construction- lanes going in on Walker Rd.? Not sure. Lanes going onto Howard, near Jason’s house. Lack of bike lanes in some of the intersections is a problem.

Education campaign by the WBC? Steve’s gf got yelled at on the road, called her councillor, and Fulvio told her that the WBC was doing something.

Riverside Drive? Darren updates us… Vista Project- residents waiting to meet with the city.

Ganatchio Trail has been widened- where it runs through the neighbourhood. Part of the stimulus funding.

Elizabeth presents her logo ideas… we chose the circle logo, with stylized bike icon, and the words “Bike Friendly Windsor” making the circle. She’ll email the logo to Kari when it’s done.

Button maker? Artcite might let us use theirs.

Newsletter? List of emails. Even just to send out updates on events.

We should build a rapport with the bike shops. Veer film screening posters. Links to from the shops websites. Post flyers up in all the shops, letting people know that on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, BFW gets together. Just keep up communications, be sure to check their sites for events, deals, news, etc. Customer discounts for those who mention BFW?- down the road, when it’s proven we’re driving business to their shops. Courtesy already does this for the East Side Riders.

MLCC will be needing some volunteers, for their downtown race- if it’s going on.

Should do a profile post on each of the cycling clubs on the website- have them write up a blurb on themselves, talking about the history of the shop, what they offer, etc. It’s a really busy time for them right now, so this might not work. How can they turn down free advertising? Give them enough time to do it… two months or something. Write up a short blurb for those shops that don’t have the time to do it on their own.

30-40 people show up at The Bicycle Shop every day for group rides after work.

Most of the cycling groups are in the east end. Interesting…

Racks on busses. All the low floor busses have racks. I think Jason mentioned that all the route 1 and 2 busses have racks?

April is Clean Sweep Month- should we get together and help out? Get together early on the 25th, and clean up a bit, then make our way back to the WWAC for the regular meeting. Pick a bike lane and clean it up!!! Russell Street? Old Streetcar lane by the car barn- Gateway Park. Make sure to photograph our efforts. Meet at the park- 12 noon on April 25th. Then head back to the WWAC for the meeting. Kari will call the city and get the supplies.

Bike Swap Meet? That’d be a good idea!

Should we get involved with the Social Forum being held at the WWAC? Let’s leave this for now, and work on what we’ve already got going on.

Safety Videos- should be filmed at night. Concentrate on the visibility one first- “Be Safe, Be Seen.” Show people their options- construction vests, reflective bands, etc. Compare and contrast. Camera in a car, shooting from inside- the difference between riding with poor visibility, and with proper reflective clothing/lights. Good, better, best. Email to see when is a good day to record these. Next Sunday? April 18th?

“Predictable Actions” can be its own safety video. Riding in designated areas (NOT on sidewalks), signalling, stopping at an intersection, etc.

Print shirts with reflective material for the logo. What else can we put the logo on? Stickers, spoke cards, plates. Terry mentioned a site called Café Steve talks about the shirt he got from the Superstore (Joe) – $12 for a nice, breathable shirt. Each of us buy our own shirt, and then we can send them all in to be printed on.

Steve talks about lobbying politicians- always mention we’re from BFW? Not a bad idea… He tells us about a new initiative concerning the HST- bikes and bike accessories are subject to the new tax, so that revenue should go back into bike infrastructure and education. Individual petitions on (or form letters)? Warren lets us know that if we want to get on the Lynn Martin show, he can make some calls. Once the research project is complete, we can use that info in an interview.

Terry mentions how CJAM is always looking for programming- maybe we can produce a show? Jason tells us how they need programming info well in advance, so this might not work. Or just get in touch with someone and be interviewed.

Maybe record some of our own podcasts for the website?

Next meeting- cleanup at the Car Barn trail, regular meeting at 3pm. Can’t meet at the WWAC… meet up at Warren/Elizabeth’s place-Chatham and Janette. 190 Janette.

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