Walker Business Park Trail – still not open after 2 years

Walker Business Park Trail – Walker Road to Deziel Drive: Multi-use Trail

NOTE – the blog post and video below were originally created in July of 2018, almost 2 years ago.  At the time, we were thrilled, as this trail provided a much needed route over the railroad that had effectively cut off east-west access for cyclists.

In 2018, we were told that the trail would be opened very soon. It’s now two years later and the gates are still locked! 


July, 2018:  Here is a sneak peek at an exciting trail project.  This is a major renovation of an old, cracked and broken trail that now provides a safe route for cyclists to cross the railroad tracks between Walker Road and Central Avenue.  We will provide you with the completion date for this route as soon as we know it.  We’ve been informed it is imminent!

Source: City of Windsor

Click on the image below to take a ride on the trail.

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