We need your cycling data!

bikemaps windsorOne of the big challenges to improving cycling infrastructure is convincing our local governments that more and better bike lanes are needed.  New bike lanes are expensive and Windsor and Essex Councils need to see some hard data on cycling to help them vote in favour of investing in more than just painting a white line on the road.  Can you help us collect some of that data?

If you have participated in a group ride or you are a member of a club that rides regularly, CLICK HERE and fill in this very short form to tell us about it.  It will take you less than a minute and the data could be invaluable.  If you have the numbers for past rides, you can log them too.

We hope to collect data on as many group rides as we can, your information will really help!  At the end of the year, we will collate and total all the information. We would be happy to provide our results to you so you can work on cycling advocacy too.


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