University Ave could be a game-changer…with your help


Imagine University Avenue the way it could be…

Imagine a tree lined boulevard with separated, protected bike lanes, sidewalks, special bus lanes, comfortable and accessible public transportation stops, frequent and safe crossing opportunities, median islands, accessible pedestrian signals, curb extensions, narrower travel lanes and more.  There is a good chance this dream could become a reality…

Windsor’s 2017 Approved 5 year Capital Budget contains a $5 million placeholder for an Environmental Assessment for University Avenue.  This could (and should) be a game changer for cycling infrastructure design in Windsor.


“As per the 2014 Enhanced Capital Plan, Council approved in principle funds from the 2018 Debt Reduction Levy for an environmental assessment that will be undertaken to create an attractive complete streets corridor by identifying the preferred alternative to reallocate any identified surplus vehicle capacity and optimize the design of the right-of-way. Implementation will be initiated with the balance of the funding.

“As per CR89/2014, Report #17088, Council approved the University Avenue Complete Street project.”

This means that the money should be in the budget to do the planning and begin the project but there is not enough to finish it.

This is a huge opportunity for cyclists and for the entire city.  University Avenue could be Windsor’s first Complete Street.

  • A gateway to downtown for international visitors via the Gordie Howe Bridge
  • A safe accessible corridor between University of Windsor Campuses
  • A showcase of modern, people friendly transportation
  • A hub of active transportation connections

The proposed budget will be reviewed over the next month. Let’s make sure that City Council understands the importance and urgency of this project to all residents.  CALL, WRITE, TEXT, EMAIL your Councillor and the Mayor and let them know you want to see the University Avenue complete streets project fully funded!


There are plenty more cycling issues that will be important to communicate to the Active Transportation consultant when that project begins (very soon!)  We encourage you to take our new survey with questions that will inform the Active Transportation Plan. 

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