Bike Love at SB Contemporary Art

Dozens of people filed into Windsor’s newest art gallery for the opening of their fourth exhibit, entitled “I Like to Ride my Bicycle…”. Gallery owner and artist Sarah Beveridge was overwhelmed and excited at the number of submissions to the show. “Everything that was submitted is up on the wall,” Beveridge explains.

Twenty-nine artists from the community, including professionals, high school students and youth, are represented by the bike-themed artwork on display. Mediums include sculpture, photography, drawings and paintings, and each piece expresses the different feelings brought on by the two-wheeled mode of transportation. The thrill of the race, the freedom of self-propulsion, the clarity of mind offered by cycling; these emotions and more were depicted perfectly.

The bicycle as an art subject is fully explored in this show. The intricacy of a bike chain, the texture of rust on an abandoned bike, the unique tracks left by tire tread, the shadow thrown by a bike on the move… even a bike discarded hastily and laying on the ground, becomes more compelling because of its orientation. Part of being an artist is being able to make the mundane interesting to look at. This exhibit shows that the bike, normally viewed as a utilitarian tool or a piece of sporting equipment, can be as beautiful and moving as any elaborate landscape or still-life.

Co-owner of the gallery and avid cyclist, Chris Carvallo (who also runs Canada South Eco Tours out of the space at 1017 Church Street), was absent from the reception for good reason. He was participating in the Ciociaro Cycling Club‘s final Thursday night race of the season. The “I Like to Ride my Bicycle…” art exhibit seemed like an inevitability, considering the couple’s personal and professional interests.

Artists featured in this show include: Iesha Ballah, Danah Beaulieu, Sarah Beveridge, Bobby Bridgen, Grace Bridgen, Julie Butler, Chris Carvallo, Vanessa Cornell, Tim Cornett, Daniele DeFranceschi, Vally Dumitriu, Kari Gignac, Pak Ho, Tamara Klinkhamer, Liana Loduca, Shelley Martin, Karlene Neilsen, Giovanni Pecoraro, Alina Petrichyn, Walter Petrichyn, Kim Rocheleau, Victor Romao, Matthew Sontoro, Natalie Sontoro, Djordje Srdanov, Vanessa Shields, Natalie Sinn and Gulnaz Turdalieva.

All of the artwork is for sale, with prices ranging from $10 to $3500. The show will be on display at SB Contemporary Art until September 11th, 2011. Be sure to stop in and check out the new gallery, show your support for local artists, and share your love of the ride!

For those more interested in riding bikes than viewing bikes, check out the complimentary tour by Canada South Eco Tours leaving from the Shores of Erie International Wine Festival on September 9th and 10th. The tour will take you across to Boblo for a 15-20km ride around the island, highlighting historical landmarks. To participate, email a completed registration form to Chris Carvallo at, or bring it into the gallery at 1017 Church Street.

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  1. Thanks so much Kari, and to Bike Friendly Windsor for the great response and coverage!! It is a fantastic exhibtion and Chris and I couldn’t be happier with the turn out and support from the community. Thank you to everyone who helped out and participated! The exhibit rocks! Sarah and Chris

  2. Being an avid commuter cyclist and an artist here in Windsor I was sorry to miss this event as we were out of town for a family wedding in the nation’s capital. I am pleased this was such a great event and look forward to participating in future ones.

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