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Critical Mass Vancouver - by ItzaFineDay on

I posted last night that since it is the end of the month, that there would be a Critical Mass this Friday. Whoops, I was wrong! The last friday of the month was last Friday, the 24th.

The next Critical Mass should be the 29th of October.

For a backgrounder on Critical Mass, click here.

5 thoughts on “Critical Mass?”

  1. Will details be posted about the next critical mass? I work fridays until 1:30, will it be afternoon or evening? I really want to join in the next one if I am able to!

    1. They are usually in the evening, I think they have set the time for 7pm, last friday of the month at Atkinson park. If I hear the details, or any changes, I will post them here.

  2. I went out to Atkinson park last night to check out Windsor’s Mass. October is usually a fun month to go out in cities with established CMs, with riders in costume, etc. Unfortunately there was no other cyclists at Atkinson park at 7pm.

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