Dump The Pump

A few of us rode this morning with members of the University of Windsor Student Environmental Coalition in their “Dump The Pump” ride, to celebrate the bicycle’s independence from oil.

It was a great relaxing ride, from Boardwalk Bikes & Icecream out to Ojibway Nature Reserve, with a few stops in between.

Stopped at the University of Windsor Community Garden

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  1. I wouldn’t say that a bicycle is TOTALY independent from oil.
    The tires and tubes are made from man-made ruber (oil). think there are many if any bicycle frames and components that are made in North America. So there is ocean travel invovled (lots of oil) and then tansport and/or courier van (still more oil). Now, per bicycle, this is probably LESS oil than consumed by a car or truck in the course of it’s life.

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