Readying Your Bike To Ride – 8 Point Inspection

Jason Turpin of One Good Earth Cycles has created a series of how-to videos for cyclists, offering tips and tricks for maintaining your ride. The first video details an 8-point inspection that every cyclist should perform at least once a week, to ensure their bike is safe to ride.


Stay tuned to the BFW website for more of Jason’s videos!

2 thoughts on “Readying Your Bike To Ride – 8 Point Inspection”

  1. 10W30 – whodda thunk! In a moment of dry chain desperation last week before a freezing but necessary ride I sprayed on the only thing I had in the house – 10W40 – and felt like I had committed some kind of biking sin. You have absolved me though 😉 I’ll get me some 10W30 today & heck with the pricey specialty chain lubs going forward.

    Looking forward to the series of videos.

    1. A bottle of lube for your bike probably costs less than an oil change for the car 😉

      As for 10W30, I would think it would need thinning out a bit with some mineral spirits.

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