Wow, What a Weekend! We could use your Help. 

Dear neighbours, friends, and patrons of the Bike Kitchen, 

Many of you may have heard that our community shop was broken into over the weekend. Thank you for all the kind messages, emails and phone calls, they mean a lot to all of us here. Twenty bikes were stolen with a total value of almost $20,000. Windsor Police are investigating the theft and we’re hopeful that our insurance should cover most, though not all, of the cost. 

It was also moving weekend for us. On the day of the theft, staff, students and volunteers were coming to roll the old shop up and wheel it to our new space at 862 Walker Road. And they did! So many wonderful folks showed up to help tear down the old and move us to the new. We’ll be much easier to find in the new space and we’ve planned more room for community events, workshops and classes. 

The theft was a shock. It came just as we’re facing expenses for necessary renovations at our new location — epoxy a concrete floor, change old florescent lighting to energy efficient LEDs, and drywall and paint everything! Many staff and amazing volunteers have generously given hours of time to help with all the work but some of it require paid experts. And everything is expensive! 

However, these setbacks will not deter us from our mission to pedal towards a brighter, safer, and healthier future for everyone in our City and region! Since the Bike Kitchen’s humble beginnings in 2016, we’ve remained steadfastly dedicated to providing affordable bicycles, bike repair skills, safety classes, community-based events, programs and an inclusive space for all members of the community to access tools and support for independent bike repair, and new and refurbished bikes and parts. And we do all of that with no core government funding! 

Over the years, we’ve seen incredible growth in the demand for our services. The need for accessible, affordable transportation and the desire to promote active, eco-friendly lifestyles have never been greater. 

Thank you for your support. We’re proud to be seven years strong. If you can, please consider joining us in our mission to build a safer tomorrow on two wheels with a donation. Every dollar will help support our community. Happy Riding!

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