Bike Polo

It looks like bike polo will be starting up again soon in Windsor.

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For those that aren’t familiar, it is similar to traditional polo, except players ride bikes instead of horses. While bike polo has been around for more than a hundred years, there has been a spike in its popularity over the last decade. Here in Windsor, we have a variation of bike polo called hardcourt bike polo – played on a hard surface instead of on grass.

Last year the games were held on Sunday evenings, but I’m not sure when they are going to scheduled this year. If you’re interested, check out the local Windsor Hardcourt Polo site.

3 thoughts on “Bike Polo”

  1. It probably won’t be at CCS. J is planning on another location thankfully. CCS gets a bit too busy and the city doesn’t approve.

    1. Last year I was thinking in front of the Onion would be a great location. Don’t know if that is going to be all under construction this year though.

      I edited the post to remove any confusion though.

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