But, but, but… Answers to cycling excuses

This week is the Windsor Bicycling Committee’s Bike to Work Week (June 7-12).

For those of you who still haven’t managed to hop on the bike to get to work, here are some answers to common excuses:

My clothes will be wrinkled: If your commute is far enough that you think you need a change of clothes (or you don’t want to ride in a suit), you can roll your clothes and carry them in a backpack. If this doesn’t work for you, you can prepare a week’s worth of work clothes and drive that in at the beginning of the week – that way you don’t have to carry anything.

I have to drop the kids off at school/daycare: Drop the kids off, and then bike the rest of the way. Or better yet, ride with your kids to school, and then ride to work. If they are young enough to still be in a bike trailer, you might be able to arrange leaving the trailer at the daycare until you come pick them up again.

There is no bike storage at my work: Unfortunately many workplaces don’t have a bike rack, let alone a locked bike storage area. However, if there are parking meters or traffic signs you should be able to safely lock your bike. The best way to lock it is to use a U-lock through the rear wheel and frame, as well as a cable lock to your front wheel. Thieves would need different tools for the different locks, and 2 locks acts as a deterrent.

I live too far away: Anything more than 5km can be a big challenge for a beginner cycle-commuter. Windsor Transit has bike-racks on the front of their busses though, so you could take transit part way, and then bike the rest. Or, you could drive your bike to work, bike home and then repeat in reverse the next day.

I don’t have time: Its true – commuting by bike might take longer. However, you are getting your daily exercise done while you commute, which will free up time later. In general, commuting by bike usually only takes an extra 5-10 minutes compared to commuting by car.

I’m not comfortable riding in traffic: If you aren’t confident in your biking skills, you may wish to stay away from high traffic main roads (Tecumseh, Walker, Huron Church). The map on the right hand side of the website can help you plan a route that incorporates bike lanes or paths, and stays away from these major arteries.

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    1. Whoops! I changed that, thanks for noticing that.

      I saw about 5 other cyclists out today, not as many as I saw yesterday.

      1. On my afternoon ride I saw close to a dozen cyclists, including 2 tourists from Montreal that I stopped and talked to.

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