Closing car lanes to encourage bicycle commuting

The chief executive of the National Capital Commision ( in Ottawa) has made some bold statements about how to encourage people to commute by bike there.

“It may mean in some cases, if we are serious about it, that we will have to close some car lanes,” Lemay said. “Some roads may have to be used for bicycles instead of cars and that is going to complicate life for people who are driving.

An article about it is available here, in the Ottawa Citizen.

What do you think? Do we need to close down car lanes in Windsor to add more bike lanes? If so, what road do you think would benefit from having lane reductions to put in bike lanes – Riverside from Crawford to Strabane? University Ave W.? Do you see roads “used for bicycles instead of cars” in the future in Windsor?

2 thoughts on “Closing car lanes to encourage bicycle commuting”

  1. I’d really like to see the east and west bike lanes on Riverside Drive be connected by reducing Riverside Drive to 2 lanes from Crawford to Lincoln. You said Crawford to Strabane in your post, but there’s already bike lanes from Lincoln to Strabane. Then if the RDVIP ever happens it will continue the bike lanes/shared path eastward. We have a beautiful riverfront, why not share it and take away the dominance of cars. The Riverfront Trail is nice but not a very good way to commute due to so many people using it to walk on and they don’t pay much attention to cyclists.

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