CWATS is moving along

Thanks to our friends Sue and Tom Omstead from Share the Road – Essex County who have put a detailed list of the CWATS projects that have been approved for our local municipalities for 2013.

AMHERSTBURG: Paved shoulders on Meloche Road from Alma to Simcoe. Paved shoulders on Texas Road from County Road 20 to County Road 5

ESSEX: Paved shoulders on County Road 50 from Walnut to Klies Beach. Paved shoulders on Dunn Road from County Road 50 to County Road 13.

KINGSVILLE: Paved shoulders on County Road 29 (Division N) from County Road 18 to County Road 2

LASALLE: Multi-use trail on Todd Lane from Malden Road to Tenth

LEAMINGTON: Engineering study for County Road 20 from County Road 31 (Albuna Townline) to Paglione Dr

LAKESHORE: Signage on County Roads 37, 21, 22 and 39, Notre Dame St, South St/First St, Old Tecumseh Rd, Ellis/Wilson/Lakehore 201, N Talbot Road, S Middle Rd, Rochester Townline Rd, Lakeshore 105/N Rear Rd/Lakeshore 203, St Clair Rd and Clairview

TECUMSEH: Signage on County Road 43, Brighton Road, S Talbot Rd, Malden Rd, Holden Rd, Oldcastle Rd, 8th Concession, Baseline Rd, Riverside Dr and N Talbot Rd

COUNTY: Paved shoulders on County Road 7 from Sandwich W Parkway to Laurier Parkway and on Huron Church Rd from Kevin St to Sandwich W Parkway

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