Finally, Some Progress on the RDVIP!

The courts in London finally blasted Riverside Neighbourhood Inc.’s appeal out of the water! Hopefully we can convince city council to direct some much needed funding to cycling infrastructure, and get some proper lanes built on Riverside Drive. True, this may make Wyandotte the new common corridor for motorists, but I think I’d rather bike the Drive, anyways.

The next step is lobbying council for cash. Stay tuned- there may be requests for warm bodies (and outspoken advocates) at upcoming council sessions!


1 thought on “Finally, Some Progress on the RDVIP!”

  1. They’ve been working on relocating hydro poles for the past few weeks on Riverside just east of Strabane, and that had me wondering if the court date in November went well. I was so happy to read in the Star today about the case being thrown out in court. Finally the city can enjoy a true scenic drive at last once the funding helps this project come to life.

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