Heartwarming Stories…

There were a couple of really nice stories in the paper last week about some Windsor cyclists (rather, Windsorites who ride bikes).

The first is about a pair of UWindsor law students who will ride hundreds of kilometres as part of the Riding to Break the Cycle campaign, which raises awareness for poverty issues. Michal Tellos will ride 3000 kms from Vancouver to Tijuana this May, and hopes to raise $5000 for the Street Youth Today, Entrepreneurs Tomorrow– a program in Kenya that supports youth in their journey to becoming business owners. Another law student, Clara Lee, will ride from Amsterdam to Budapest to raise money for the MicroTechnology Institute in Uganda, which funds training programs for development technologies. She hopes to raise $2000. Tellos and Lee are founding members of the Cyclists of Windsor Law group.

The second story is about a young woman who was hit by a car while riding her bike in Windsor eight years ago, when she was just nine years old. Amanda Mulder suffered a major brain injury, and doctors weren’t sure she’d fully recuperate. She was told by teachers that she’d never progress past the grade three level. This year, she graduates from Brennan High School, and hopes to attend UWindsor to earn a PhD in psychology. She’s also pursuing a modeling career, and is participating in the International Model and Talent Association convention in New York.

Just a couple of heartwarming stories to remind us that much can be accomplished, as long as determination and will are involved!


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