Hit-and-run on Janette

Windsorite.ca is reporting that there was a hit-and-run involving a cyclist last night. The cyclist was hit by a Lincoln Continental style vehicle in the 900 block of Janette, and the motorist drove off after the impact.

Last month, one of the participants in the Randonneur’s Tour D’Essex was also hit by a Lincoln Continental, and I really hope that it is a coincidence and that the two incidents are unrelated.

2 thoughts on “Hit-and-run on Janette”

  1. this was me it was actually on the Friday the 14th. I was biking to work with flashing lights and reflectors down Janette between Wyandotte and Elliott in the on-road bike path when a light colour (gold?) Lincoln Continental style car came up behind and was honking madly I waved the car around. The car then proceeded to come up beside me and side swiped my bike into curb knocking me off then sped away.

    1. That is really disturbing Jesse. So it sounds like the driver hit you on purpose? Its too bad that you weren’t able to get the plate number. Do you know if any progress was made in the case?

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