Notes from the May 11th WBC Meeting

I know these are late, but it’s better than never!


WBC Meeting, May 11, 2010

Bike To Work, June 7 – 12: handout from Jason. June 11th date added- BASF, and minor adjustment to budget- only $1750 is needed. Need two more locations- SOUTH and EAST. Maybe at Walmart. Sign will go right at Charles Clark Square. Two large BBQs are needed as well. Mark’s is available. Volunteers needed for the Saturday of the bike draw- Kari, Tristan. We’ve got a tent, either from Xtreme Motions, or the committee’s tent.

Delegate to the committee: Robert Cosma and his daughter talk about how she was hit while exiting a car on Ottawa Street by a cyclist riding on the sidewalk. The rider also had headphones on. He’s been told by the police that the law against bikes on the sidewalk is unenforceable. The city is risking being sued. The city by-law needs to be more defined. Need to define what a bicycle is. 21” tires and under are allowed on the sidewalk. He’s re-written the by-law and is going to make a suggestion to the city. He looked into many other municipal by-laws. Should it be by age? Wheel size? He would like the WBC to make a recommendation to the city. Rick says the police department has claimed bad PR as reason for not enforcing this by-law. Maybe we should bring this to the province, since this is a provincial law, as well. Just like with the noise emission by-law, the city will probably not revise the by-law, since it’s known that there isn’t enough by-law enforcement. Chas says we need to mention money, that’s the way something will get done. Sub-committee to look over the by-laws, and then take re-write to Dwight Duncan. Jason mentions that some people really don’t feel safe on the road- there are just as many incidents involving bikes on the road, then on the sidewalk. This project would encourage police to enforce ALL laws involving bicycles. None of the BIAs asked for “no cyclists on sidewalks” signs (they didn’t want to pay for it). Paint signs on the sidewalk? Sub-committee formed, will report back to the group later on.

Bike to the Fireworks, Monday, June 21: Jim reports… Charles Clark Square booked, but no barricades. Racks are ordered, waiting to be picked up. Pepsi will probably donate some beverages. Zamboni room will be available. Tickets are ready, signage will go out soon. Jim will register the event with 311. Use only half the square, to avoid having people trying to cut through. Bikes should be picked up no later than one hour after the fireworks.

Bike The Bridge, June 13: Pat Delmore isn’t here, Jim contacted him and $2.57 + HST and tolls- this is how the Americans are getting back. If we can get numbers, the bridge might open the bridge half hour earlier so Canadians can bike there first. Get a number that we can tell the bridge. Likeliness the bridge will open up for Canadians to cross will depend on how many people will come out. Alan and Vicky will be in contact.

Re-Discover Your Bike, June 12: no update.

WBC Banner: words revised, local photos. Change “quiet” to “fun”? FUN

Review previous WBC PSAs… radio ads for AM800 from 2009, 5 spots, ran from May to September, it cost $7400. 217 units. Should we do this again? Is it reaching the maximum number of people? The radio ads seem to be the most effective. TV ad, short duration with Adam Trupish, Tecumseh boxer, cost between $2600-3000. A-Channel has been quoted- $1000 for 20 spots, and they’ll double the spots. Jason talks about mail-outs- $500, mail-outs go to three postal codes. Cogeco will play the ad, too. Spelling mistake at the end of the video. Should we get a new ad done? Media company will do it for $6000, video using still shots for $1000.

Why don’t we have a contest for a new video, with a $1000 (or even just $500) prize. Use $500 to advertise. Need a panel to judge- sub-committee. Talk to Veronique Mandel from the journalism program at the college. Walkerville Collegiate. Instead of a cash prize, why not offer a bike? We might get more of a response if we offer a cash prize. Kari can work on the parameters of the contest, and make a flyer to go out at all cycling events coming up. Have an update ready for next meeting.

Children’s Safety Village, lots of time spent on cycling safety. How much to spend on getting students to Safety Village? How many schools actually go? $1200? Motion made to give $1200 towards buses getting kids to the Safety Village. Get a break down as to how the money will be spent. Should we get the media involved, let them know about this contribution that we’re making? Send a press release letting media know about the contribution.

Template for the brochure. Just make some minor changes, as noted on proof. Jen will talk to Gordon Orr to see if we absolutely need to have the city do it ($400).

Injury Prevention Coalition, May 12th, 10:30am media conference, Health Fair going on until around 2pm. Chas will be at Hotel Dieu hospital handing out WBC stuff.

New trail map to come out soon.

June is bike month- the city is putting on spin classes, can the WBC donate some water bottles? Sure thing.

WBC a part of the Mayor’s Walk? May 24th? Share a booth with Parks and Rec. Victoria Day… more details from Jen.

Dedicated WBC email- should be ok. Add it to the brochure. Add Jason to the email list.

T-shirts… leftovers can be given away/raffled off at events.

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