Winter Wheels: Cycle Safe this Winter

Winter Wheels LogoRiding your bicycle in winter is a fun, safe and reliable way to travel – and we’ll show you how! Our Winter Wheels program will provide aspiring cold-weather riders with equipment and support to cycle through the winter. Twenty-five participants will receive a free set of winter tires and get information and support on how to ride through the winter season safely and comfortably.

Program highlights will include workshops on winter riding gear, safe riding skills, and winter bike maintenance. We’ll run fun, organized rides through the winter months and celebrate International Winter Ride to Work Day in February. In return, participants must make a commitment to get out on their bike at least once a week throughout the winter, share their stories and help increase the visibility and number of winter bike riders in the region. 

Want to join our riders?  The application to the Winter Wheels 2022/23 program is now open – apply online here.  All interested people are encouraged to apply. Twenty-five individuals will be selected. Applications will close Nov 1.

Discover how riding a bike in the winter can be a fun, safe, and reliable way to travel. Apply today!

Our Funding
Winter Wheels is generously funded by the County Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS), the Windsor Region Society of Architects, and the City of Windsor Bicycling Committee. Winter Wheels Sponsors


2 thoughts on “Winter Wheels: Cycle Safe this Winter”

  1. Well done, thanks for this program.
    I made the daily 20km round trip commute to work, year round, for close to 20 yrs. Winter was always a special time; short day length, keeping an eye out for plows, “portaging” at times but always worth the experience. Retired now but my son and nephew have picked up the torch. I’ll encourage them to apply to your program.

  2. Wonderful, thank you for your kind words. Love your use of the term “portaging” – that’s exactly what it feels like on some winter days!

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