Vote bike!

Bike Friendly Windsor is distributing a set of questions to all the council candidates in the upcoming election. As candidates return the Vote Bike questionnaire, their answers will be presented on this website – so check back often.

By answering these questions, we hope that the candidates can provide the community with their views on cycling in Windsor, and how best to make Windsor a bicycle friendly city.

2 thoughts on “Vote bike!”

  1. Excellent. In the last election, I sent email to my ward candidates asking for their opinions on the Riverside Drive Vista Project. This is a more comprehensive approach that will benefit the decision making of voting cyclists.

  2. Looking forward to seeing their responses, though if they’ve been paying attention to our current city council, they would know that they could say absolutely anything they want and do exactly the opposite with absolutely no ramifications whatsoever. 😉

    Looking forward to their answers, though.

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