NDP introduce bill to increase cyclist safety

In order to increase pedestrian and cyclist safety, NDP MP Olivia Chow introduced a bill mandating the use of side guards on heavy trucks. It is the third time she has proposed the legislation.

Trucks have been equipped with side guards in Europe since the late 80s, and studies show that they prevent cyclist and pedestrian injuries.

Chow, the NDP transportation critic, says that road safety would be increased, as side guards would prevent cyclists and pedestrians from being trapped between a truck’s wheels if they are hit.

Chow re-introduced the bill in memory of Toronto cyclist Jenna Morrison, who was killed last week after being hit by a truck while cycling.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has issued a response opposing the bill, stating that there is no evidence side guards would increase safety. The CTA states that they have “worked with cycling advocates to improve road safety and awareness of sharing the road with trucks.”

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  1. Why doesn’t the government put some support behind education of both drivers and cyclists on sharing the road. We are always looking at multi-million dollar fixes. Cyclists will always need to ride on roads and as such need to have the skills to do this safely. Most cyclists think that they know all they need to ride a bike, but many know little more than how to balance it. Drivers are in the same boat, they think they know where cyclists should ride, but most no little of the laws governing cyclists and have even less understanding of the hazards that cyclists face on the road.

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