Pebble Beach – a look a the new riverfront trail

Windsor’s Roy Batagello Riverfront Path has been partially closed due to construction for almost 2 years. Federal infrastructure funding allowed the creation of a new festival plaza & stage, as well as a $60 million storm-water retention basin along the pathway.

When the path was re-opened on November XX, it came with a surprise – a pebble beach located across from Marentette road. The path was well used the first weekend it opened – despite it being in November. Cyclists and walkers together were stopping at the beach and using the trail.

Concerns have already been raised that the path near the beach is too narrow to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists – especially in the spring when traffic peaks on the path. However, construction is continuing in the park, and it appears that a wider multi-use trail may be installed south of the current path. Prior to being closed for construction, the area has a narrow walking path separated by a strip of grass and trees from the wider multi-use path.

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