Replacing car parking with bike parking

SpacingToronto has an article about how car parking has been converted to bicycle parking over in Toronto. The parking spots previously provided parking for 2 cars, and now provide parking for 16 bikes.

Can you see something like this every happening in Windsor? Do you think there is an area where there is currently demand for a bike corral (on street bike parking)? Should something like this be incorporated into the St. Clair Mediaplex or elsewhere downtown?

Bike parking takes over car parking spaces - SpacingToronto

The Globe & Mail reports that this is a pilot project, which means that if this is deemed successful, more of these bike corrals will be appearing in Toronto in the future. So far, it seems successful – the racks filled up “almost immediately”.

Toronto Star - City hands car parking spots over to bikes

5 thoughts on “Replacing car parking with bike parking”

  1. Interesting post. I could see this working in front of the Downtown Windsor Farmers’ Market, in front of the YMCA on Victoria and somewhere in the arts district stretch of University between Victoria and Ouellette.

  2. Imagine this on Wyandotte somewhere E of Ouellette to Walker Rd.. Now there would be a miracle for Windsor 🙂

    Hope Saturday’s ride was well attended. I was certainly busy drawing and meeting folks during the Walkervillwe Art Walk & Rock.

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