Interactive Cycling Infrastructure Map

In October 2016, Windsor City Council voted to reallocate the funding previously allocated to the Transportation Planning Department for the Cabana Road Cycling Facilities and Windsor Loop in the amount of $6.8 million.

Council Decision Numbers: CR627/2016 and CR628/2016 provide the details of the new projects proposed as cycling infrastructure to be charged to Bikeways Development.  The Council reports that identify each project are detailed and can be difficult to visualize.

We have created an interactive map to help you see the projects clearly.  Click on each project to get the details about location, cost and facility type.  Click here to go to the map.

5 thoughts on “Interactive Cycling Infrastructure Map”

    1. Sorry about that! Our url and wordpress weren’t playing nice together. The issue should be resolved now. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

  1. Marian Drouillard

    Great job! So easy to navigate, and yes, nothing beats mapping and data to allow for a much better understanding of the projects!

    1. Jennifer Escott

      Yes, we have had a lot of discussions, especially around developing a cycling map that includes the whole county. We would love to develop a map that not only showed where the cycling infrastructure was but also what the surface type is and possibly even a rating (green for all abilities, yellow for intermediate, etc.) The cadillac of a bike map would be one that included routing as well. The difficulty with such an undertaking is resources and $’s. At present, we only have one volunteer person doing all the data collection and mapping using free software. We are looking at a number of other possibilities such as

      Lanespotter –
      The City of Windsor –

      For an interactive map to be useful to riders, it will have to be constantly updated and the data maintained. We do not have the resources to do the job – but that doesn’t mean we have given up! And we are always open to your ideas.

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