Beautiful Day For A Bike Ride

Thursday April 15th was a beautiful day for a bike ride. It was warm and supper sunny and the breeze was just right. Steve and I decided to go to Malden Park for a ride. I needed to get some air in my tires so we went to Courtesy Cycles on Sandwich street. I pumped up my front tire and then proceeded to do the rear. Well, just as I was about to start pumping up the rear, the front tire blew! So for the next hour we waited while a tech changed the tire. Although the wait was long, we were intrigued by all the cool bikes that they had in there and the fancy accessories for to trick out your bike.

After the repair was done, we were able to continue our ride. Though we never did make it to Malden Park, we got a chance to ride down by the river on the west side of the bridge. It was actually really beautiful down there, and I personally never even knew that those paths were there. We arrived at a little park where we took a few cool pics that I though I would post here.

Rides like the one we had on Thursday are one in a million; I only wish that we had more time.


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