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The Windsor Star had a great article today on the Tour d’Essex today. The event, put on by Randonneurs Ontario started out this morning from the Second Cup at St. Clair Beach Plaza.

The Tour d’Essex is a 200 km ride, the shortest put on by the Randonneurs. The route will take them to Tilbury, Wheatley, Point Pelee, Leamington, Kingsville and Amherstburg before returning to Windsor. The event is non-competetive, but participants must complete their tour within 13.5 hours and pass through multiple checkpoints.

If you’re interested in doing a 200km ride, but missed out on this one, check out the Ontario Lung Association Bike Trek, which has 25km, 100km, and 200km rides in Windsor at the end of May.

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  1. I saw a couple of the participants taking a break at about hour 11. They looked pretty tired, but still had two and a half hours to get from the west end to the finish.

  2. Would of been a chilly ride. I remember when I rode 141kms with the Citywide guys last fall it was a long haul. If they didn’t take the Greenway should of been a bit easier though and faster I think since the bike doesn’t roll so well on the rough Greenway.

    1. On my commute yesterdays I had westerlies at my back in the morning, and had to face them on the way back. But, they said they had the wind at the back going out, but were really having to push on the way back, because the wind was in their faces.

      1. lately for me the wind has been from my side, so i get it both ways. today winds were light though when i got to ojibway and i said to myself “i’m here already?”. i was use to pushing through a lot more wind the past 2 days riding out there.

  3. What was a great ride had a rough ending 13km from the end when a driver with an open case of beer in his car ran down one of the ride organizers on Riverside Drive near the Wiser’s plant. John, the rider was taken to hospital by ambulance but was OK other than bumps and bruises, His bike is a mess. We were in the bike lane but so was the car after near misses of the rest of the group. Haven’t heard any more about charges etc.

    1. I heard about someone getting hit there last night, but didn’t know it was someone from the ride. Terrible. I ride that route every day and just got home from riding by there. It’s a terrible stretch right there where the road curves and the intersection at devonshire.

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