Randonneur hit on Riverside

Following a comment on the last post about the Randonneurs brevet, I found some information in the Windsor Star. 21 of 22 partipcipants completed the brevet, with race co-ordinator John Maccio unable to finish due to a collision on Riverside drive near the Hiram Walker complex.

With 12 kilometres to go, Maccio was side-swiped by a car along Riverside Drive near Hiram Walker.

Maccio was taken to hospital with minor injuries. His bike and helmet were wrecked

Apparently the vehicle that hit Maccio came close to hitting some of the other participants as well. I was sad to see that this information was buried within an article, and there was no information about whether charges were laid against the driver.

It is good to hear that Maccio wasn’t seriously injured, and hopefully the Randonneurs are willing to come back to Windsor-Essex in the future.

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