Bike The Bridge 2010

Alan Halberstadt, city councilor and member of the Windsor Bicycling Committee, wanted me to post about this year’s Bike The Bridge event. This is the second year for this ride, and participants will see one lane of the Ambassador Bridge closed down to motorists, and open for cyclists of all skill levels to bike across this historic structure!

What: Bike The Bridge 2010

When: June 13th, 2010. The ride will commence around 8am.

Where: Riders will meet up at Rivard Plaza in downtown Detroit, and ride from Detroit to Windsor across the bridge.

Who: The event is being organized by Detroit Trails, and is a fundraiser for the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance.

Why: Once in a lifetime opportunity to bike the bridge (well, until next year)!

The whole day is full of planned activities for the cyclists. Once the group ride makes it across the bridge, there will be a breakfast catered by the Tres Bean Coffee House. From there, the group will split in two: one group will ride east to Hiram Walker to enjoy a tour of the distillery and a presentation by Marty Gervais, author of the best-selling book Rumrunners: A Prohibition Scrapbook; OR, you can rack up miles by joining some distance riders who will be heading south to Amherstburg. In the afternoon, riders can enjoy the Carousel of Nations along the Windsor riverfront. Detroiters will head back to Rivard Plaza at 3pm.

Some notes to remember: Riders must be 16 years of age or older. Riders must have a valid passport (or Nexus card or enhanced driver’s license). Riders must wear a helmet, and follow the rules of the road. Registration is online only, and will close two weeks prior to the ride (May 3oth).

Prices are $55 for American riders, and $35 for Canadian riders. The price includes breakfast, the tour of Hiram Walker/Marty Gervais talk and a commemorative t-shirt!

The U.S. price is higher, because transport back to Detroit is being provided for Americans. Alan’s communicating with the bridge company, to see if we can ride the bridge over at 7am to meet up at Rivard Plaza.

Another option would be to take the bikes across in a trailer. Does anyone out there have any idea how to transport a bunch of bikes and people to Detroit at 7am on a Sunday?

5 thoughts on “Bike The Bridge 2010”

  1. If we can ride across from Windsor to Detroit too, you can put my name down as a definite participant! What a great idea this is.

    1. So far I think they’re still trying to figure out details of how to get Windsorites across to detroit.

  2. To bad, for me, that it starts so early in the day on a Sunday. Might be able to make it though probably not.

  3. this would be a great idea if the bridge was open both ways. Otherwise, it’s pointless for anyone who lives in Windsor.

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