Britain’s Shortest Cycle Lane

While I believe that money spent on improving cycling in a community is never money wasted, this bike lane in Cardiff, Wales seems a bit pointless. With the current exchange rate, this “lane” cost just under $4,000 for about 8 feet of space! Perhaps that would have been money better spent on cycling education or something else. Drivers in the UK aren’t always careful of cyclists, even though the region is full of bikes.

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  1. It reminds me of totals I heard at WBC meetings for how much paint for the bike lanes costs. Or of how much is being spent on Quality Way. Or how when I rode down Lincoln today all the cars switched sides of the road they park on since it’s now April, so the whole bike lane was blocked by parked cars.

    There’s been quite a bit of money spent in the east end recently though. I put photos on the google map, but I wish I knew a better way to show it all. I guess I need to shoot video but it’s hard to do from my bike. When I say east end I mean the start of the Gnatchio Trail where it begins on Wyandotte and goes through the neighborhoods. It’s had some new trails paved and landscaped. Just looks like dirt landscaping now, but I think that’s due to the strike last year.

    Also on the trails all around Little River like the new bike underpasses at McHugh and Wyandotte. I tried to figure out who makes the decisions about where money is spent, but it was confusing from what I heard at the WBC meetings. I just wish the public was more involved and that seemed to be missing.

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