Cyclist hurt in collision

Last Saturday, June 11th, a cyclist was injured and hospitalized after colliding with a car at the intersection of Granada and Cabana Road West.

The cyclist was reportedly not wearing a helmet, and suffered contusions to his knees. He was treated at Windsor Regional Hospital for minor injuries and released later that day.

1 thought on “Cyclist hurt in collision”

  1. See this people riding bikes (not cyclists!) every day that flirt with disaster. We don’t know the particulars of the incident but you can safely assume that the bicycle rider was not following the rules of the road.

    I see it too many times each and every day. Just yesterday, I was heading north on Bruce Avenue coming up to Wyandotte St. on a casual ride The light had been red for at last 20 seconds and cars starting to go north through the intersection. Then I see a guy riding a bike head east on Wyandotte, completely obviously to the lights and goes right through it no helmet, nothing, forcing a car going at least 35km/hr to slow right down. I was cringing when I saw this. Five seconds later, the bike rider would have hit and no doubt in my mind gone through the windshield.

    I really wanted to chase him down and yell at him for being so stupid and tell him he was lucky that time.

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