Cyclist involved in collision on Tecumseh Rd E.

Last Wednesday morning at cyclist was involved in a motor vehicle collision at the intersection of Tecumseh and George.

An eastbound car turning north onto George was struck by a cyclist travelling west on the north sidewalk.

The cyclist suffered minor injuries and was not taken to the hospital. The cyclist was charged with riding a bicycle in a cross walk under the highway traffic act.

Motorists often aren’t expecting cyclists traveling at a high rate of speed on the sidewalk, and it may be more risky than riding on the road.

2 thoughts on “Cyclist involved in collision on Tecumseh Rd E.”

  1. Classic example of why bicycles are unsafe on sidewalks, why they are not allowed on sidewalks and why they are not allowed to cross at an intersection crosswalk unless the cyclist is off the bike and walking it, effectively making them a pedestrian.

    1. A cyclist in Montreal was killed instantly the same way earlier this week. Apparently he was riding along a bicycle trail and went onto the road in front of a cement truck that was making a turn. Today, a cyclist was hit in Windsor at the corner E.C. Row expressway & Howard.
      Whether you walk, skateboard, rollerblade or cycle, you need to accept that there could be danger at each and every corner and behave accordingly.

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