More bike lanes

Darren linked to a story the other day in the Windsor Star, which stated that the road construction at Wyandote and Walker will include bicycle lanes along Wyandotte. (See story here)

I wonder if these lanes will be connected to the lane the currently exists on Wyandotte, between Strabane and George.

I also came across another story about some road construction further south on Walker. Apparently construction will be occuring on Walker between Legacy Park Drive and the 401 – and they will be putting in bike lanes out there too! (See story here)

Its always good to hear about more bicycle lanes in this city, although it would be nice if they actually connected to each other.

1 thought on “More bike lanes”

  1. Exactly in our ‘hood’ Not thrilled by months and months of construction obstruction but wow, did I just read includes bike lanes? Wow. Now if only we could get people to quit parking illegally on existing bike lanes (esp the stretches on Lincoln and Gladstone). Another ‘problem’ with bike lanes is that drivers of cars seem to think they have no need to slow down at all, from their already normal over the speed limit speeds because those pesky bicyclists must stay within their precious bike lanes (even when there are gross obstacles to avoid – like rotten road, raised drains, garbage, broken glass)…

    Oh, I’m happy for bike lanes but even more public edumucation is needed now that we have them.

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