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I have been using MyCyclingLog to keep track of my riding this month. I have just broken the 350km mark, and put on 126km this week. That is pretty much all utilitarian riding too, I haven’t been able to just go out for a cruise lately – though today might be an ok day for one.

I changed my old, dry-cracked mountain-bike tires out for some narrower slicks (thanks Darren!). I certainly felt the bumps in the road more, but I also feel much less drag… yet I’m not sure I’m any faster!

My ride has mostly been East and West across Riverside, and they have even started to street-sweep the bike lanes in the west end. The east side is the really dirty side though, with all the construction going on that has closed down the path. I am still able to use the path from Hiram Walker’s to Parent when travelling west though. I then cut back onto Riverside rather than taking the path the rest of the way – especially when it is busy with people.

I still see a few people who don’t give me nearly enough room when passing, and this week had someone yell at me to “get on the sidewalk”. But, I feel the more that people ride on the road, the more experience drivers will have in that situation, and they will learn to give proper space, and learn that we belong on the road.

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  1. I’ve been trying to fix why it won’t log me in when I comment, but I guess wordpress doesn’t like keeping track of two sites. So I’m using explorer now when I need to comment. I’m glad to hear that you’re riding so much too. I just passed 800km’s for this year so far. I still feel like 100km’s a week is ok for me right now. Today I feel pretty tired. Once it warms up though I’m sure I will set a higher weekly goal. Right now I’m at 329km’s in March, with 117km this week.

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