Windsor Police Launch Bike Blitz

Windsor Police have announced that they will be conducting an enforcement blitz this week, targeting law-breaking cyclists as well as motorists that fail to share the road.

Windsor police are receiving complaints, from cyclists, motorists and pedestrians and have noticed an increase in collisions involving cyclists.

Examples of infractions they will be looking for include riding on sidewalks, riding through crosswalks, running red lights or stop signs, or riding without lights.

The blitz will run from July 10th to 16th.

3 thoughts on “Windsor Police Launch Bike Blitz”

  1. Any word on the success of the Bike Blitz? Sure hope it helps a few odd cyclists to alter their habits and find the ways leading to safe and thoughtful travel and commute.

    1. I heard of one cyclist that was pulled over, but didn’t hear of anyone receiving any tickets.

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